Provincial Day of Awareness Against Racism and Hate

The Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, proclaimed today, Friday May 29th, as the Provincial Day of Awareness Against Racism and Hate, known as #DifferentTogether. She invites us all to join in her pledge: Our BC is inclusive and respects people of all ethnicities, cultures and faiths, and their contributions to our collective well-being. Our BC holds diversity as a fundamental value at the heart of the success, strength and resilience of our communities, workplaces, schools, public and private institutions. I PLEDGE to uphold and promote these values and I commit to speaking up to oppose racism and hate in all its forms. We have come so far since we formed Government. We have revived the Human Rights Commission, the work on Resilience BC, the revamping of the hate crimes website…..These are all projects that move beyond ‘celebration’ and address the important issues of injustice.

Of course, I would like to thank Jaylene Kuo once again for being the videographer